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Merit Badge- Balls by Brett Andrus


MODBO- Smooth Loper-

Featuring the work of Brett Andrus, Lorelei Beckstrom, and Nina Peterson

March 1 – March 30, 2013

Opening Reception Friday, March 1 5p-9p

Eggman & Walrus

130 W. Palace 2nd Fl

Brett Andrus is delighted to present a new body of painting and video work for his debut in Santa Fe at Eggman & Walrus. vid link:

His newest oil paintings, created specifically for this March 1, 2013 show, are comprised of starkly lit, evocative portraits of women in dream-like surroundings.  In “Radiant Control, Automatic Beyond Belief!” we see four women, one grasping at a toaster, while fish hang in mid air. In “Pile,” lanky limbs are stacked haphazardly as two bystanders pose: a man in the background, seemingly nonplussed by the scene, and an owl with a lighter– a characteristic quirk of Andrus’.

Alongside his newest oils, Andrus will features several pieces from 2012, executed in mixed media. These pieces are taken from his show, “An Invitation,” which premiered at Andrus’ galleries in Colorado Springs, The Modbo and S.P.Q.R.  The works conceptually challenge the viewer as voyeur and play with the idea of time and story through each piece.

Andrus is hesitant to provide any “meaning” in the traditional sense of the word for any of the pieces to be displayed. Instead, he invites the viewer to assign their own meaning, or not, depending upon their preference and mood. Says Andrus, “I think that at it’s best, art is a three way dialogue between the art itself, the viewer, and the artist. By assigning a meaning or story to any of my works, I am leading the viewer into a certain opinion about the piece, instead of allowing them to explore their own.”

Andrus is the co-owner of The Modbo and S.P.Q.R., and the sole curator for both spaces.

He also teaches art classes out of the gallery. Andrus founded the Modbo Collective, a group of 10 local artists.

The Modbo and S.P.Q.R. are two art galleries located in an alley in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The Modbo was founded in 2009 with the mission of bringing joy to those who collaborate in the arts.  For the past four years, owners Brett and Lauren Andrus have done just that– providing monthly art openings, art classes, musical concerts of all genres, performances of all kinds, and poetry readings. A second gallery, S.P.Q.R., was added in 2010, allowing them to expand their offerings to an eager public.  Both galleries have won a myriad of Best Of awards from both local newspapers, The Gazette and The Independent, for Best Galleries, Best Place to Buy Art, Best Place to See Emerging Artists, and more.  In 2011, the galleries were featured in Sunset Magazine.


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